Why Milgard

Milgard windows are made right here in Oregon

Here are 4 things your salesperson may have forgotten to mention to you.

      1. Where is the manufacturing plant that will be making my windows?
      2. Is service from the dealer or the factory?
      3. What happens if I need service and my dealer is gone?
      4.The lifetime warranty includes new glass and hardware but who is
          going to install them ?


Our answer is that the Milgard factory is located in Tualatin and  the lifetime
service is direct from the factory and not the dealer.
You will never be without
service on your windows. Your service will be preformed by Milgard service
employees direct from the factory.  We give you all the information you need after your windows are installed so you can contact the Milgard service department to
obtain service if we are not available.